Getting Started

Getting Started with KickQR


1. General Overview

Welcome to KickQR! Use this guide to help understand and use the KickQR suite of smart QR code stickers.

The video on the right goes with our Starter Pack, so it covers how to use each of our stickers (even if you've purchased one of our specialty packs).

Account Creation

Accounts on KickQR are free and there is never a subscription required. To create an account, tap the green “Sign Up” button at the top of the screen. If you are on a mobile device, the “Sign Up” button is located inside the Menu icon. You can also wait to create your account when you activate your first sticker.

Activating Your Sticker

To activate your sticker, simply use your phone's camera app and scan the QR code. If you are already logged into KickQR you can simply tap the “Activate” button. If you are not logged into KickQR, "Log in" or — if this is your first sticker — "Sign Up" and then proceed to activate the sticker.

After you Activate your sticker, the first thing you should do is provide the sticker a name, so you can easily find and search for it on your KickQR Dashboard.

Privacy & Permissions

It is important to understand how Privacy and Permissions work with KickQR so you can update them to fit your needs.

By default, the contents of the KickQR stickers can be viewed by anyone with access to the sticker, but only you can Edit any of the contents of a sticker. You can change this at any time.

KickQR stickers are meant to help you organize boxes/bins, recover Lost & Found, label your electrical panel, and more. The default mode is to let people see this information so that your family or professionals can easily find the information you've worked to assemble. However, since in some cases you may want this information private simply visit the Options, and toggle the Private Mode switch.

2. General Purpose / OrganizerQR KickQR Stickers

KickQR Sticker

Our green KickQR Stickers are our most popular and also known as the "OrganizerQR" or "General Purpose" stickers. These stickers are designed to be used to organize contents in boxes and bins, allowing you to easily find what you are looking for.


One special feature of these stickers are the ability to list entries, or "Records" as we call them. Each Record can have a description and any number of attachments, such as a photo. For example, say you put a green sticker on a bin of items in your garage or storage unit, you can take photos of each of your items that you've put in the box/bin. Later, if you want to remember what you put in the box/bin, simply scan the QR code on the outside of the box/bin and you will see a full list of what's inside as well as a gallery of the photos you've taken.

3. KeeperQR Stickers

KeeperQR Sticker

KeeperQR stickers help your valuables find their way home. After you activate your KeeperQR sticker for the first time, you will be asked to provide contact information that anyone who finds your valuables can use to get in touch with you. The next time you activate your KeeperQR sticker you will not have to provide the information again, and you can update the information at any time in your Account Settings.

Using a Private Email

The most assured way to get your valuables back is to leave your personal phone number and email address, so that whoever finds your valuables can get right in touch. However, if you do not want to have your personal information visible to anyone who scans the QR code, you can use a Private Email. A Private Email is a unique email address that will forward all emails to your personal email address. You can then decide if you want to reply or not (when you reply via your email client, emails from you will show your personal email address, not the Private Email). Think of it like securely screening a phone call!

4. ReminderQR Stickers

ReminderQR Sticker

These stickers have real super powers. Simply apply the sticker to something that you want to be reminded about, like an air filter, water filter, or hot water tank, and then set a date and time you want to be reminded. KickQR will send you an email on that date/time, and if you (or anyone else in your household) want to refresh your memory about when is the next reminder, simply scan the code.

5. BreakerQR Stickers

BreakerQR Sticker

The QR codes are designed specifically to help organize your breaker box. After you Activate the sticker, you will be asked to configure the sticker with the number of circuits on your panel. You can then name each circuit and add a description, and update it as you have electrical work done in your home.